Update: Jessica Simpsons engagement

We here from our sources in hollywood the engagement has been broken due to pressure from the Chossens family who say that she is too much of a snob…

in the meantime we did some more digging and hacking and have found the person who sent out the email to shmais in the first place.

We would like to thank the “secure server” of chabad.info and their gmail account which contained a email from the same guy who tricked shmais… and in the proses we found something very interesting.

This guy once sent a email chabad.info begging for them to publish a article about something that was very dear to him.

He not only sent this article to chabad.info, he also cc it to the one and only shmais.com

Guess what?

The shmais and other sites actually posted his plea, and what he had gone missing was returned to him. …

While this guy was/is our hero. we at cholent find it rude for the guy who used the media when he needed them, went around and used the same email address to screw shmais…

So while we have already downloaded the guys photos from his facebook account connected to the email address, and have his cell phone number from the very article he got posted online…. we will choose to give this guy a chance to explain himself in order to keep his name and pic from getting published.



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