Scammed!!! Fake Mazel Tov posted…

Late last night Shmais owner Levi S. received a call from TMZ network questioning the accuracy of the Latest Mazel tov that used to be located here.

Levi realizing that its not the TwoMileZone A”H but rather the ThirtMileZone in LA, so he imeadieatly removed the post.

We here at the 1BIGcholent would like to wish these 2 a harty Mazel tov to both  Jessica & Aric but more importantly we would like to congratulate the person who sent it into Shmais… he is our hero.

We would like to encourage this person to comment, email or call us as we have a special cholent from Dovid Malka that you  surly enjoy. (seriously, we have a gooooood reward for you doing such stuff)

Please note: we wont be posting your comment.

Jesica simpson

Our emails to shmais for comment… as usual was left unanswered, Maybe this post showing him how dumb he is will yield a email from him… which we surly will post…

oh and if this gives anyone the idea to do to shmais or others, please tip us off, as we would love to catch this type of stuff…

special thanks to our HTipper who emailed the screen shot… who begged us not to post his name… we will think about it 🙂


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