Quote of the Day

“Lifshitz u wont talk to me but u will make fun of me……………”

more… MUCH MORE coming soon

Questions – How many people run the blogging nation of Crown Heights?

How many people were accused of running them.


2 responses to “Quote of the Day

  • The man

    There is one man operating all these sites.

    He is very rice.
    He has so much time on his hand.
    I hear he doesn’t eat, sleep or even go to the bathroom hes so busy.

    With all these sites I still think hes not doing enough.

    Why don’t you mention the site that started it all..

  • Anonymous

    its seems to just be a bored CH guy that is looking to keep him self busy, he seems also to be a yenta.

    There is always a need for such blogs, it keeps people on there toes.

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