Collive Rips CHinfo while confirms PD mishandeling

Yingy & Soffers both jumped together with delight after chinfo posted this story.

not because the story was untrue, but its was a great opportunity for them to side with PD bash a known PD hater CHinfo.

Note the following facts.

1. Hatzallah WAS stopped by PD

2. Cops were from 70th Pct.

3. Joseph fox who commands the 70th  “will be taking necessary steps to disciplines the cops “who should have known better”

4. CHinfo is a PD hating site, and will do anything to get under their skin by posting articles on how PD DOESNT DO THEIR JOBS. O now PD knows they must watch themselvs and do their jobs.

Thank you collive for your ass sucking mesures in exchange for all the inside reporting of the “GOOD” that PD does.

Thank you CHinfo for making sure THEY DO THIS GOOD. by posting facts and missing a few sentences enabling those officers to be heald accountable.

Oh Fact 5. Yingly likes cake.

Fact 6. 770 has officers protecting us from bomb threats that dont know we have Hatzalah who will work along side them.

Yingy while you enjoy your cake with Mica, talk over what measures you will be pro actively taking to ensure that Hatzalah is able to respond to calls before someone dies, as this very ass sucking article will just bight you in the ass if someone does.


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