Archival – Mushrooms get money at Kinnus

Recently Shluchim from around the world have been going after Sholom Ber Drizen, by sending him letters about how its unfair his money he donated to ALL shluchim have been only given out to a select few that Rabbi Simpson and carlbach fealt they should be giving it too.

one shliach even commented that his name was pulled but didnt get the money.

in a letter (we are still trying to get a copy) sent out by drizen responding to those shluchim saying. “Its my money,and i can do what i want with it, i gave it to Rabbi simpson, and I trust him to do with it as they see fit.”

This answer bugged the shluchim as they know that its only due to lack of the degel on their lappel and the lack of yechi signs and flags on their chabad houses that they did not receive this money.

So recently the shluchim have been sending emails for them to post, prooving that they used to be mishichistim before they became antis, (John Kerry)

The hershkops brothers the ones who mounted the Yechi sign in 770 are heard to also try and find the photos prooving this so they too can get money to help pay for the upcoming 144 million dollar charges.

Stay tuned for more details on this matter


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