Controversy: Who Is Moshiach?

Martin Luther King Jr. Melech Hamoshiach


Is it Bob Marley?


4 responses to “Controversy: Who Is Moshiach?

  • Shimon

    Being that 1BigCholent is the only site that will actually post comments regardless of their political motives.

    I would like to write the following:

    On Yudi (Moshe Kotlarsky’s nephew) Ceitilin’s website ColLive, I can’t help but to continuously notice the following. In all stories about his Uncle Rabbi Kotlarsky there seems to always be a tile, Vice Chariman of Merkos…. Chairman of the Kinus (which by the way is simply not true. See Merkos Borad VS Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky)

    Yet every time Yudi does post a story with Yudel Krinsky, there seems to never be a title alongside his name like say for example Chairman of Merkos or…. Chairman of Machne Israel or Secretary of Agudas Chassidei Chabad or ….. EVEN Chairman of the Kinus, which has always been.

    Hinei (behold) I really do not care about Moshe Kotlarsky’s title or no title call him President, Chairman, Vice President, ESQ, Dr.. He has done very much in his time working for Rabbi Krinsky and he deserves all the credit in the world.

    My issue is more of the lack of respect that R’ Yudel receives I mean here you have a guy that just sweepingly won a Din Torah where 10 senior Chabad members tried to discredit all that he is and has accomplished in all the years he served the Rebbe.

    Unfortunately, what Yudi Ceitilin and his Great uncle Moshe seem to not understand is that by discrediting Rabbi Yudel Krinsky they are giving loads of chayos to the biggest klipah of all which is obviously Mendel Hendel and all his cronies. Which is extremely apparent in what that dirty website has been promoting all week with their bubbe masseh how Rabbi Simpson is really the chairman of merkos.

    So for the sake of the future of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch, lets give it the respect it deserves by giving it’s chairman Rabbi Krinsky the respect HE deserves, that same respect that Rabbis:

    all tried taking away from him. Luckily the Brilliant Rabbi Landow saw right through all this, and realized by stripping away Reb Yudel’s credibility he’d be stripping away Chabad World HEadquarters credibility.

  • Confused

    Now I don’t know which Kinnus to go to.

  • Barry

    You gues are going to burn in hell. Wheather you like it or not, Yechi is not to be played around with.

  • Binny

    Where can I buy one of those amazing t-shirts with MLK? Is it on a website?

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