“Uniting” for Shomrim6

Rumers are flying around that uniqu fundraiser is being made to collect money in the upcoming civil case of 144 million against the found NOT guilt Shomrim6.

Headed by singer Yaacov Young, and sponsored by his close friend  B Lipshits from CrownHeights.info the song “Love your fellow Jew, just the same as you, is the basis of our Oley torah” will be sung my many jewish artists from around the world.

joining in chorus will be, The Yeshiva Boys Choir, Miami Boys Choir, Kinderlach, Dedi, Shlomo Simcha, Uncle Moishe, Yossi Frankel, Yoni Shlomo and in a unprecedented move toward unity in the press we now hear Collive is trying to get some of their “Jewish Stars” involved as well.

The goal of the song is to raise awareness of the 6 Shommrim Members who are going to be back in court for no real reason and to help pay legal fees for their defense.


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