over yomtov….

Much happened, many farbs, and trunken tales, some which we will share, while others we will…… share. we are still overcoming our hang overs but when we feel better we may post these stories.

here are the headlines of the stories..

Suspicious fire on crown street, ending in the arrest of a jew.

Farbrengen in a sukkah with expert jammer, showing off “tachrichim” recordings.

Shomrim Command post is asked to be moved by PD due to the attraction of drug sales behind it…

Collive promotes the new yellow flag… endorsed by shemtov.

New Mishichist center opens in flatbush

Pin Pen created for PD van gets left empty. (if you have pic of this please send)

PD uses excessive force when closing down simchas bais… (please send video)

yet more hate sites are opened, being opened,  and are trying to be opened…

Many discussions on if and when broin will arrive into town, and if he will really get that double home being built on carroll street bet kingston and brooklyn.

oh and much more… to tired tell all now


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