Some Things Heard and Seen Over Yom-Tov

Regarding the Elections for Rov:

The of the elections  the Sperlin family had asked their Rabbi a complicated question the Sperlin Rabbi then advised them  that the best Rabbi to deal with their problem was known other then Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky.

The Sperlin family then asked a friend to call Rabbi Bogomilsky and ask him id it was ok if the Sperlins call the Rabbi to ask their question, to this the Rabbi answered yes.

The day after the elections, Rabbi Shcwei calls Rabbi Bogomilsky asking him if he can still call for Shalos (questions). To this Rabbi Bogomilsky answered yes.

It seems many in the community did not know Rabbi Bogomilsky to be a full time active Rov in the community, that is until the recent elections. Since the elections Rabbi Bogomilsky has been receiving many times over  phone calls (regarding various questions in Halacha and life matters)  from Crown Heights residents. Seems like we have a natural winner.
More to come


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