Comments from within the 71 PCT

1BIGcholent will be keeping tabs on the latest news of infighting inside the confides of the 71 pct.

we learned that has been getting comments on its site against peter simoneti from a ip address that is coming from the inside of the 71 pct. chinfo has asked cholent not to publish this as  he knows from the past that since peters arrival a few years ago, these comments have been coming in from 2 steady contributers inside the pct almost everytime a police related article goes up, and doesnt want to cuase these 2 “good cops” any problems.

here at cholent we commend these cops and dont care for chinfos requests…

next time i guess ben lipshits wont talk so loud in a public place on kingston during the simcha bais hashoeva.


One response to “Comments from within the 71 PCT

  • yechi monster

    It’s amazing how “Shmira” runs to volunteer to do the dirty work for the police aginst other jews (example; blocking the Shomrims command truck with their car when when then 71st is in no shortage of cars to use)

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