Collive cuts Chinfo in half

But spends money doing it… while chinfo sits back and enjoys many dollars earned and forgetting to post stories…

with the latest break neck competition of posts between two rivals COllive and CHinfo it just got to make you lol.

a advertiser calls CHinfo and gives him $2000.00 in cash in exchange to have him give away free tickets to the circus.

Collive responds to this by begging 1saleaday and consort organizers for free stuff to give away with out “writing reports, or sending photos”

Lets not forget Shmais also has a raffle for shluchim to send in reports but doesnt write what they get if they win.

The question is, What is you dont “like collive… literally”.

as of this post 553 people like coillive and 1200 hundred like chinfo

note that collive has had a banner on its site pushing its face book fan page for yonks, while chinfo doesnt have any… maybe collive should put a banner on chinfo

you also must read about Last time they did this and chinfo hate campaign


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