Its Motzai Shabbos and you want more details…

Well here it comes.

We had 2 questions here. – Rabbi Broin in the days before his Rabanit degree and title used to take young children on Mivtzoim. He went on a rout in Manahatan in what was known as the porn district, We would like to thank Rabbi Broin for telling thos children he took to think about the Rebbe as they passed many areas of Pritzus… Smart move. These children are now HUGE shluchim and have beards.

Rabbi Broin was let go from the girls school in Sydney, not because of complaints from the girls that they “weren’t comfortable around him”

Rabbi Marlow from FL – Their is a old man who can not walk to shul, the wife of the man asked 9 people to come every week to his home, the result is currently 30 and growing members of this “new shul” that some look at as a breakaway.

The 40 guys dooped – They are pissed, and rewrote this letter a few times, in the original it had that they DONT endorse Broin but changed to dont endorse anyone just like Feldman,  for the same reasons (coming soon)


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