Elections are only hours away

Rabbi Bogomilsky has the qualifications to be Rov, He has the Power to join fouces of Both Osdiba and Shwei, and has the guts to stand up for what right. Rabbi Bogomilsky will not only not answer to political Hacks but will also stop the same hacks from controlling the existing Rabonim.

Remember this is not about Rabbi Bogomilsky or Broin, its about the 3 Rabonim together.

Rabbi Broin will make a perfect Mashpia for the younger generation, and as he said in his Thursday night meeting he wants to be able to open a website to answer Shailos, Do that, Go back Down Under and stay virtual. This Elections is not for a new Young political Rov, But for a NEW DAYON, and someone who will unify our BesDin.

Lets take a look at this video, im not looking to give it hits but lets pull some peices out

from the very start Broin says “I am not here for Rabbi Shwei I am not here for Rabbi Osdiba”

What happened to unity?

at 0:55 Rabbi Broin says “I disagree that Crown Heights is in a very difficult situation”


at 1:30 Rabbi Broin says “at the moment we shouldn’t focus on forcing people together”

Why does peace need to be done through “force”

He continues to say that we need to “do good to dispel the darkness” and at 2:30 he says “If everyones together”

This is the way I see it – Broin Makes beautiful programs, and has great PR,  the other Rabonim would look stupid not joining so they sit together, but are they “United” will he say in a few months as Rov that (at 5:10) “Crown Heights has NO Machlokes” like he says about Sydney, are you kiding me?



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