By Gibor Stew

Having a new hot shot Rov come into town would be great, he should open up a shul for the young guys and give shiurim and answer shailas by text or email. But this election is not about that, its about peace, a Dayon, someone who will get our town back in order, someone who will help restore the relationship of Rabbis Osdiba and Shwei.

Voting for Rabbi Braun will result in many good things, many new programs and support for the younger crowds issues. This is why we should ellect him as a Mashpia, but as a Rov… I see a third office a third phone line… and NO unity, NO Bes Din, No Peace amongst the two parties, and a town that will continue to fall.

Voting for Rabbi Bogomilsky (who by the way answers emails) is someone that already has the endorsement of BOTH Rabonim, someone who knows and understands the feeling the pain of the current Machlokes. His priorities are set straight.

We need to focus at the main issues at hand. and also think about who is behind the Braun campaign.  The term “controlled rabonim” unfortunately is not new for crown heights. Its been too long that the political parties being in control. The Rabonim are elected for life for the very reason that they don’t take sides, they don’t get involved in politics.

Is Rabbi Braun strong enough to fight both parties, how about the party that has funded his flight, campaign, and guaranteed his salary. Will he be able to control them? Rabbi Bogomilsky is the real independent, he does not need money from anyone, and he takes a strong stand for whats right. This is a reason to praise him not bash him for. Rabbi Bogomilsky has the strength to unite the Rabonim and have them both ignore their political hacks who tell them what to do.

This upcoming elections we have our last chance to create a new Bes din under NO party, and one that is controlled by 3 Rabonim United.

Its up to you, go out and vote this Sunday for Peace and Unity!


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