Cholent takes down the peoplesrov

A few days ago we posted here a exclusive report on one of the many blogs created for the broin campaign (and who is behind him. one ( we found oddly enough to be created by a known political scammer and ganif

one of the things we found in the whois data (which mysteriously went anonymous after our post) is a cell phone number on the account. Cholent even before posting tried calling it only to get a non jew. We kept in touch with this person and (along with a few other  readers) and helped guide them do godaddy fraud department and file a claim for using her number. well only a few days after the scammer purchased the domain, Cholent is proud to announce we shut it down. while the post is still up and the number is still listed we ask that you do not call the number listed as she complained about getting over 400 calls with in hours after our post.

This is not over, using a fake number is against the law and we are continuing to search and dig up the info on and will keep you in the loop.


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