Cholent Challenges Broins Smicha, Shimush & Dayonis

Were is it?

Collive has links for Tzinner (Spelled Zinner look at letterhead learn how to spell collive) for a current DATED recommendation for Rov for Bogomilsky and UNDATED Smicha for Broin.

When did broin get smicha? and when he got it was it dated? and why did he get it from Zinner who is not a Lubab Rov? and were on the paper does is say andything about Dayonis, Shimmush ect.

More on this Motzai Shabbos – just looking to confirm with zinner 100 present (what we know) that the date was erased and the date was very resent because he needed it in Sydney but prior to that he hasn’t had it either.


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