Videos on broin and more on the people that back him

Meir Moss interview.

Meir is the original funder of all machlokes in Sydney, a email from sydneybocher tells us that at one point due to all the machlokes Rabbi P Feldman the head shliach had all his properties taken away from him. Meir Moss is the guy that runs the Kesser torah of Sydney in the same property were formally yeshiva collage was located. The current Chder opened after the break away has grown back from year to year and many of the kids from keser torah have left to go to Maria and the cheder.

Great guy for interview on behalf of broin, aside from the fact he looks like he is reading off a script, i love how he talks of broin and machlokes.

Mrs Rimler – is she the wife of this guy?

are they related?

Mr. Raskin

Aside to being a sonin law to Moss I Love how he gets all excited when he talks about broins answer to emails. just put a grey hat on the guy and how similar is he to polterak.

Then theres the main man

Rabbi Mr. Dr. Writer, interviewer Konstepolsky. some of you can remember him from his interview about what happened when the shluchim farbrenged inside 770 The man behind these video creations for broin. its like broin, maybe you a good guy and all but your campain managers… i think you couldnt have picked a worse group.

Konstepolsky a known wacko from Sydney who is banned from all shuls, so he build his own… with 1 chair, is it 1BIGchair?


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