Getting NO Answer?

A few days ago Cholent asked you to call its office, many have. As a matter of fact over 500 people. while your calls came it at all times they all had 1 thing in common, you wanted somone to answer the phone.

Meir Moss the MAIN MAN behind the machlokes in Sydney, the one who runs Keser Torah in building that formally hosted Feldmans Yeshiva Collage

When you look at the videos on Broin you will find thay all deliver the same pre written message.

Lets take a deeper look into 1 thing that all have in common. (more on videos soon) Rabbi Broin is one that is into technology, follows up with people and replies to email.

In Crown Heights no matter what time of day, trying to get Osdiba or shwey on the phone is a task.. a large task. especially during certain hours which for married people they can have time sensitive shaylos. Rabbi Broins campaign is supposedly different…  NOT

eMail Rabbi Broin to see if he will reply to any of your questions. as of this post we have gotten a number of complaints that he DOES NOT reply to questions. not only has broin not responded to our emails asking him if this rumor is true, he has not answered a email from a member of the vaad hatznius who endorses the rabbi on him opinion when it comes to tznius.


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