Who is Behind Rabbi Broin Confirmed

Update: Chabadinfo now claims he is non partisn… lol read below.

A booklet about broin is being given out. Who wrote it, who paid for it?

and WHY?

while their is a lot of speculation on who is behind Rabbi Broin, here are the following rumors and you can use your wise judgement.

Booklet – written and compiled by our 1 and only Eli Polterak.

Booklet – Paid for by Our very own Chanina Sperlin.

Website – theirs 2 the advertised one and another one.

CrownHeightsRov.com site while registered private, but has videos under a youtube channel called “shragac

this you tube acount is under shragac@gmail.com and chabad.info even posts video before the site goes public

Meir Moss interviewed: the MAIN MAN still behind the machlokes in Sydney, the one who runs Keser Torah in building that formally hosted Feldmans Yeshiva Collage.

shragac@gmail.com has a facebook account of Shraga Crombie

Note his Friend SZ Kurinsky, who is a friend of Cholent and in charge of Chabad.info English

Shraga Crombie

is the known site administrator of Chabad.info hebrew section.

The second site called peoplesrov.com

is registered to a guy named S K whos listed email address is DovidCrown@gmail.com (stupid cheap @$$ register it private next time its only extra $5.)

Dovidcrown@Gmail.com sounds familiar, hes the guy that allegedly scammed voteforshea.com

This is 1BIGmess, maybe cholent should open another blog with that name.

Stay tuned as we bring you more about this developing story.. as soon as we verify our unconfirmed rumors about his past we will post them.


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