Let me tell you all a little secret.

When it comes to these type of issues.…in this case public safety, any citizen can take action and get results. We don’t need people like Chanina Sperlin or anybody with so called “connections” to push these thing to happen. In other words, anything Chanina could possibly do, you and I can do (easily and perhaps better).

Here’s how:
You take a pen and paper and you start writing.
You write to every politician and his mother. You write to every public agency and public advocate.

If you don’t have any money for stamps, you can e-mail (every city office and politician has e-mail these days).

Guess what? you don’t even have to work so hard. You draft a letter and you copy and paste to everyone the same thing.
Within a week or so, you will start getting responses till your mail box overflows. Some will reply that they forwarded your request to a different agency, agencies you already sent to (which is a good thing…this shows that many agencies are now involved – nobody can dispose of your letter/request).

Some will reply that they will look in to it and send you results within 60 days (which generally they do).

Now in this case, of a gate in middle of Eastern Parkway, all one (thats you) has to do is go to Crown (as 1bigcholent did) and gather all the accidents of people getting hit in middle of Eastern Parkway, print those articles and send them with your letters.

Guess what, just one person doing this can bring great results, of-course the more the better.

Hint: Start with mayors office
DOT (Department of Transportation) etc…

I say the above out of experience.
You may ask, why don’t I do it?
Because I simply don’t care.  I don’t cross in the middle of a two way (6 lane) street. I educate my children not to do it, so its not my concern. Any normal person with half a brain would take the extra 30 seconds and walk to the corner and wait for the light.

If you are truly concerned you can follow the instruction above and get things done.

Another issue:
I find it very odd that the Inspector Peter Simonetti who is the main man in charge [the big boss] of the 71st precinct. The big man who has “the number one target”, has to go to Chanina Sperlin to get such a project going. Shouldn’t the inspector of the precinct whos in charge of…hummmm…let me see…yo yes….Public safety have the ability to pick up a phone and get this done?

What is this dumb game that collive/ and Co. think they are playing? Must impotently who do they think they are playing against?


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