What happened to the $150,000.00 camp fund

you know the scholerships money…

Cholent has confirmed that its the same rich man who is guaranteeing broins check (and not bogomilskys) that used to fund this fund.

now we know what hapened to that money.

in the meantime chabad.info needed to post a pick of both broin and feldman together.

this is due to people writing how broin doesnt get along with feldman.

As we already told you Feldman is very excited and is paying for the move, as once his GOOD freind broin leaves its the end of the Tzemach Tzedek, forcing his shul to once again become the popular place to be.

we got a email explaining the feeling in Sydney, nice to know we have over sees readers, saying how some in the Tzemach Tzedek are very happy for him, yet others are pissed. “Its not good to close down a community, to open another” says Mr._______  which is very funny as the sydney community has been in shambles since this same guy opened the tzemach tzedek.

thanks moishe for your email please fill in the blank you gave us we would love to know the name of that person.

Cholent Endorses Rabbi Broin & looks fwd to his win for Rov, as it will give us so much to write about


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