Rabbi Pinchos Feldman Endorses Rabbi Broin

Word has it that Rabbi P Feldman head shliach of Sydney is pressing Rabbi Rosenberg hard to accept Broin for Rov, and placed a call to the comunity “activists” voutching his support financially to help Broin win.

Its been a number of years now that Rabbi broin opened a break away shul in Sydney and for Feldman he couldnt have asked for a better thing to happen. Broin leaving will mean the ultimate destruction of The Tzemach Tzedeck shul.

Broin on the other hand is a bit skeptical, as his experience with politics landed him a 55K Job in Sydney, yet his worries is that the 100k job in crown heights will never get paid.


3 responses to “Rabbi Pinchos Feldman Endorses Rabbi Broin

  • person

    We need a person from Crown Heights to run.

    if anybody votes for an outsider we don;t know anything about is just voting for the Jihad and not to stop the Machlokes.

  • Shmaya Krinsky

    Perhaps we can name a few more… I am sure there are many shluchim that would like to nominate a name or two;

    To Name a Few:

    Mangel in OH would put up with father-in-law Kalmenson
    Wineberg in KS would offer up Friedman
    Herson: has more then one name; Bogo and Yosef Carlebach
    How about that Gutnick guy that just had a Din Torah cause his shul could not stand him????

    as an insider I can tell you there are many others… perhaps Crown Heights can create new positions for anyone and everyone that wears a Yellow Pin!

  • chana

    Did anyone notice that’s Yossi Feldman in the background of his picture. LOL

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