Rabbi Braun’s wife emailed us that he is 39 and not 40….

Rabbi Braun is Berel Lipskiers son in law.. ( aka Barel )

Rabbi Braun is looking for a way out of Sydney ( and they are happy to get rid of him )

We were emailed a deal might have been hammered out that the richest Jew in CH is guaranteeing his salary… But that rich jew will not guaranty the salary of Rabbi Bogomilsky….

He is a complete Moshichist full blown….  as per his interview in the Bais Moshiachista magazine…

It seems he is and might be the running a big maybe…..

But is CH ready to vote for a person who nobody knows and is a Michichist….and will not campaign for the job not one day??

We will wait and see…. tonight is the deadline….


8 responses to “Rabbi Braun’s wife emailed us that he is 39 and not 40….

  • Anonymous

    he is a very chasidishe and learned Rov of the Tzemach Tzedek Shul in Sydney, with a “clore-kup”, and aside from some differences of opinion (about moshiach) with rabbi feldman he is very well licked, and a good peoples person.
    i think he will make a good Rov for CH.

  • more info on bogo

    please post some info on Rabbi bogomilsky’s leading role in the cunin-neparstak debacle
    the word on the street is that he ruled in favor of neparstak but got a visit from cunin’s sons, and then suddenly flip his ruling without informing the other rabbonim on the B”D

  • Yankel

    You scared of Drizin? Why can’t you write his name?
    He is one of the biggest perpetrators of machloikes in CH, just follow his lead and know that if he is willing to support someone – they are BAD news.

  • chana

    Sydney does not want to get rid of Rabbi Braun. We want him to stay. He is amazing!

  • Yosef Braun

    as reb shmuel levitin said long time ago.



  • Dan Mosko

    I wish it was Rabbi Braun from Mayanot, who was running.

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