CrownHeightsinfo finally breaks news.. steals from

Update: within minutes of our post takes down the story. please note we added a screen shot below.

i guess he wont be stealing pics anymore

After weeks of posting the same stories as everyone else he has resently been breaking news on the ellections for third Rov, Collive on the other hand is mysteriously quite on it.

Whats funny about this article is not only the brothers that are facing off but the photo of Pesach, we got a tip that the photo was stolen from, and after a bit of research we found the link so you can see and decide for your self.

Pesach Bogomilsy is a known Mishichist and fabrangs often in 770 with the Tzfatim. he is also known not to see eye to eye with his brother moishe.

I wonder if the two brothers running will result in a similar situation that the satmer brother rabonim are facing.


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