Well its official ( thanks to COL )

Rabbi Mangel who never agreed to run has now made it official he will not run…

( what was Herzog, Scheerson and Sandyhouse thinking putting up a name and hoping it would stick without ever asking him ? Is that fair?)

Question is that when Rabbi’s Zirkind, Segel and Raitport ran and Moshe Rubashkin pushed there election and the Schwei camp asked for 2 weeks to put up candidates that it has been 3 years since then and 6 months since the beginning of this DT so what were they thinking the entire process ?? Does it take  4 years to put up a candidate  ?? Should the community wait 4 more years till they convince Rabbi Yerkowitz from Israel ( who was asked 50 times to run by the Schwei camp ) or someone else…

At this point it is clear that Rabbi Bogo will be the candidate running who has followed the letter

of the the law and psaksak

in getting himself validated…

Please Rabbi Rosenberg let the voters choose yes or no for Bogo!!!!!!!! a straight up vote since the Schwei side has nobody and does not deserve more time….


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