Boring…lame… nothing different.

The past week has been so boring online, i go from site to site then think, “Didnt i just read the SAME thing” Sometimes i have to do a double take “did i just visit collive again, or is everything the same from one site to the other.


Benny Freidman

Black berry

Baseball pitch

New Torah

OT gets a new principal

Yagdil torah opens

While Collive works hard making a “trendy” headlines with Lubav and Farbs, it also still pays a secretary to comment on its own posts, giving off the impression many more people visit their site then others. this is something easily seen by the time stamp. each one minutes apart from another.

do a test: watch how out of no were 20-30 comments get approved. this is because the person writing them writes them all out then approves all of them at once. a trend that will now surly change.

even better is how you will notice collive opeds and articles that are on all  sites will always get many more comments then others.

whats even better is when you look at the source code you can see that the comments left by a collive employee when logged in have a code next to the “name” that the rest dont have.


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