Zacki takes vote… puts foot down

Developing…Reported here first

Polteraks Puppet strings are finally getting cut. in a majority rules desission, the new Vaad have decided to close the Messira against Rubashkin forever. Polterak who have been still involved behind the scenes has been trying very hard NOT to close the case, and was fighting for it to be open. Tamir refusing to do it alone sat in a closed door meeting with his fellow vaad members and has come out with a ruling 2:1 that they will CLOSE the case forever… (wonder who was against it)

Word has it that the Executive director Mr Eli Cohen has been siding with Polterak and now has his job at stake do to his heavy involvement with the old Vaad. this is a blow to the family as it will be the second job loss in the family, the first being his son in law Waks aka Tzemach Brown or

Good thing that Tamir opened up a office for job placement as it will officially have its 2 first costumers.

(stay tuned,  more about polterak, and his resent conversation audio with a potential Rabinate candidate who is a known supporter of Rabbi Osdiba)


2 responses to “Zacki takes vote… puts foot down

  • Phil

    I heard that the vote was 3:0 for closing of case forever

  • Yanki

    Hey, you fail to mention that the mesira was not just against Rubashkin, but it was also against Rabbis Reitport, Segal & Zirkind, and against Rabbi Osdoba’s 3 Rabbi sons, and against Plotkin and Lang.

    By removing it from court 9 people can bentch Gomel and the entire community says amein.

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