Moshiach flag ripped away from bocherim at wedding

Drama erupted this week in Jerusalem at the wedding of Yisroel Meir Hirsch, a leading spokesman for Neturei Karta and son of recently deceased Neturei Karta leader Moshe Hirsch, who served as Minister of Jewish Affairs for Yassir Arafat’s Palestinian Authority.  A group of young Israeli men, hoping to stir up excitement unfurled a Moshiach flag and began waving it during the dancing.

Rabbi Yossel Krauser, an elderly Geula resident, hurried to the midst of the circle and snatched the flag away from the group of bochurim.

“I saw a Moshiach flag waving and I decided to put an end to it”, Rabbi Krauser told Israeli news agency Kikar HaShabbat.

The bochurim, however, were determined to make their statement, seizing the flag from Rabbi Krauser and waving it once again.

Rabbi Krauser explained his bold actions to Kikar HaShabbat.

“I was angry to see them waving the Moshiach flag, especially on the most important day of the groom’s life.  I had to do something.  Ninety percent of the wedding guests, many of whom belong to Neturei Karta, supported my actions.”

The morning after the wedding, Rabbi Krauser’s tallis was stolen from his hands as he walked down the streets of Geula, presumably in retaliation for his actions the previous night


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