CHinfo removed Collive from photo

Dem Scribes pissed at CHinfo

CHinfo posted a disturbing story yesterday about the singer Shneur Hasoffer, the real issue hear is that “CHI removed the credit from collive” says Yossi Scribe CEO of image marketing. Mica Scribe the founder of Collive was utterly disturbed not only from the photo editing but the lack of mention of collive who sponsored the event, and didnt give Yudi the editor any title in his article. “notice everyone one else in the photo line up has a title” says Mica I think its unfair that CHI is degrading our good deeds and community work that we do. Cholent sources tell us that the Scribes are also upset over the fact that they paid big money to sponsor this event in order to get exclusivity on it yet CHI went out of their way not only to post it, but posted it first, just undermine them and belittle their site.

notice the top right corner of backdrop saying "Hasoffer" notice the missing collive logo from behind hecht, notice how the image was cropped to the left

look at top right corner now, look behind she hecht head, look were photo ends on the left


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