Great news!!!!! for Anash

This weekend is the yearly Yarchei Kalah in Parksville NY which tens of thousand’s  attend.

We did get a scoop that  the Main speaker on the Motzoi Shabbos Melavah Malkah ( SNL )  (after Rabbi Tendler will speak about how to have abortions al pi halacha ) will be  none other than Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky who will be speaking and the subject is ( we have the list of Marei Mikomos ) how to win a ZABLA fair and square AL PI HALACHA….. even when you have 10 people against one!!!!!!

Following him will be speaking Rabbi S Kaplan of Baltimore on how to blow a Zabala in 3 easy steps… followed by Rabbi Levitan from Seattle on how to blow a reefer in general….

Thanks Rabbi Shemtov for inviting the Rebbe’s Mazkir and Yoshev Rosh Vaad Hapoel of Merkaz!!!!!!!!!

We can’t wait!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Great news!!!!! for Anash

  • Dan Mosko

    Rabbis Kaplan and Levitin are my closest friends (allies), I am so glad to hear that they will be giving such incredible workshops at this years Yarchei Kallah.

    I will also have to contact my close friend and Mashpia Rabbi Avraham (I am very important) Shemtov, and urge him to speak at the event. I heard that he may not speak being that he is mourning the great loss of his Kovod. I believe it is very pertinent that he relay the timely message especially to our youth, that it is absolutely no problem to blatantly lie in front of rabonim.

    Can’t wait for the event!!!

  • rabbi dickstein

    I think Rabbi Deren should speak right after Rabbi Krinsky and explain why he needed 2 hours to throw and spew shit out of his mouth at the Din Torah

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