As it turns out…. the new Rov in CH might be….

The street is talking about a story that Rabbi Poolterakovskaya ( formally of the Vaad Hakohol ) is asking Rabbi Osdaba’s candidates  not to run at this time and he claims he would rather look for better choices than both sides have and he is prefacing it in the fact he has searched the entire world and has only one hope a person that might run or might even back out Rabbi Mangel of CH.

He is saying that if he runs Mangel on the Schwei camp side that he will win for sure because he thinks 70& love Mangel but he says for the betterment of the community he would rather not have another 75 year old ROV like Rabbi Schwei who needs afternoon naps to stay awake…

It might be a ploy to have the Osdaba camp not put up anyone and then the last minute he will run Mangel against no candidates like the Schwei election where he ran against himself ( thaks to Rabbi Osdaba who let such a crazy election go ahead.. )

We want people to know that do not trust anybody and if you plan on running please run and help the Kehilah.

We were sent a list of 18 Rabbis that Rabbi Osdaba’s side has ready to enlist…

Good luck to all.

Big Kishke….


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