how to make chaos in the media part 1

A while back we posted a survey 84% said we should give ways to create chaos in the media.

heres part 1 🙂

The main source of news are moisdos.

Create email addresses of legitimate sounding names of shluchim, Rabbis, and the like and email every moised you see a story about the following…

Hey I saw your story online, i was wondering how you got that site to post the story. Did you send the story only to that site, or all the sites. What type of feedback did you get from the article.

Also ad into your emails once they respond other questions like.

Did you pay to get your story posted? if yes how much

Did the site pay you to post your story? if yes what were the conditions.

After the story got posted did another site contact you, what did they say?

Did the story you send in get rewritten, were you happy about it getting edited?

Once you have done this, please email cholent the responses as we will post them for all to see and we look fwd to posting part 2… its much better 🙂


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