How to send the Chabad Media in a frenzy

Ever wondered were all the Chabad media gets their news from?

Ever think how much the news sites hate and love those who send all sites the same story, or how much they hate the ones who send only 1 news site their stories.

Think about it, for the most part all the sites are the same.

So what keeps each site going..? by being a bit different, for Collive, its its headlines design and speed it gets the stories up. For its the straight fwd bluntness and honesty.. oh and taking for ever to get up stories (yeh i guess the slower people like that) then theres shmais, who is awesome at posting ads, but has a strong clientel of good pure people who dont want to see hot babes or politics. oh almost forgot theres umm forgot the name.. oh yes no sorry that just needs to be around for the under dog. (notice how the interest % is so much higher on the stuff that no other site would ever post, and the stuff cholent links to gets a 100%)

Anyway time for fun!

Each site has its “exclusivity” the story they know was only sent to them and those are the ones that really keep them alive.


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