Interview with the MAN HIMSELF

Why have you opened the Tznius Patrol?

We opened the Vaad Hatznius (it’s not a patrol) due to the vast majority of Crown Heights becoming modernized, untznius, and for the most part, an overall acceptance from us Crown Heightzers, when this type of life style is NOT ACCEPTED.

Let me give you some background. First of all, the articles go up on the local not tznius sites are scarred of me, what I do and therefore misquote me and misguide our mission and outlook. The Vaad is not made up of anyone out to bashmutz anyone, we dont go out on patrols we are here just here to bring out a CLEAR MESSAGE, “Live like a Chossid, or move out..”

I don’t mean to cut you off, you seem very passionate about what you do, but tell us why do you think Crown Heights has this problem.

We at the Vaad feel that its due to the lack of leadership, there is no Rabonim who have enough guts to do anything about it, no Vaad Hakashrus who can force stores to take their hashgacha, and therefore no one cares, over thee past 5 -8 years Crown Heights Rabonim have been fighting, and they have lost the community respect, and even if they were to do something about the tznius together, at this point people still wouldn’t care.

So are you putting all the blame on the community or Rabonim?

No, Im putting it on all parties involved in the breakup of the Rabonim, and to the past corruption that the Vaad Hakashrus had, making it a un honest and disrespected group that no store owner even wants to be a part of. I am also putting blame on the schools.

Schools, Why?

Some of the schools make the parents sign a letter stating that they will not bring internet, TV into their homes, and that they will dress tznius, but they don’t implement them, all they do is get the signatures so they can say they “only have good families” or they can say “we tried” if all the schools worked together and make sure they all keep to these standards enforced.

Ok so you have a lot of opinions on why and who is at fault for this..

You asked.

Tell Cholent readers why is it you feel that what you are doing is going to help more people than will turn away people.

The people who don’t dress tznius, or the stores that sell not nice items, or the restaurant that have a bar like atmosphere and the websites that post not nice stories and photos have a negative attitude towards making Crown Heights Kan Tziva..  I dont look at them as people who shiurim will help, nor signs, nor any other method. But what the Vaad is doing is bringing real awareness, when has the chabad media.. lhavdel.. (sorry) Crown Heights media even posted an article about tznuis that did anything to make it better, since the Vaad  took action we have become very known, and now there are many girls and mothers who before they leave their homes think to themselves and say, “I don’t want that crazy guy screaming at me” and they dress more appropriate.

So what you’re doing is a Media thing?

In a way, but not fully, store owners, the ones you don’t hear about have already been working with us in a menchlech way, and fixing their mistakes, all you hear about are the store owners who don’t want to listen to us.

Practically what do you think is going to happen from all your noise you make?

Well with the help of the negative media 🙂 we hope to stir up the Rabonim, community leaders, Vaad hakohol… (no comment) and others to try to conquer this problem head on, and make Crown Heights a place that Chabad can happily call their home.

Do you think by posting the new category “Cholent Uncovered” it will help?

In the “noise making” yes.

Mrs. Mendelson you are sitting here next to your husband quietly, what is your opinion on your husbands take on the Vaad Hatznius role he has?

I support him 100% I just don’t like the hate I and he gets in the street, nor do I like people stealing photos of me from my Facebook page and photo shopping me on someone elses body who isn’t tznius.

Thank you both for your time, and Cholent looks Fwd to your posting 🙂

Your welcome and good luck on the other areas of humor that makes your site 1BIGcholent 🙂


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