The Calender

Cholent just learned that the CHI calender is in print, and will come in 2 sizes. the biggur one will be mailed out to all homes in crown heights by the end of this month, and the smaller ones will be available for FREE on kingston.

we also learned that the smaller calender will be mailed out to anash of America as the calender boasts to have the candle lighting times for all areas.

Its features.

Design is supposed to be spectacular, in compared to last years (which was beautiful)

Is has all the things that last years did except the center last year was 4 pages of useful information and menues, this years has 8. and the school closures are on each month, not all on one page.

The photo that was a top each page last year is now 3 photos per month similar to the collive calender ads layout last  year.

except for one month that has 3 panorama photos.

The center fold which was a MAP is all redone and is now a tear out that is even better then the “visitors guide” that is being sold in CH stores for $1. it has proper listing of ALL stores and easy symbols to recognize landmarks.

The alternate side parking times for the avenues has been added to the street map.

inside the center fold we heard there will be a map to get to the ohel (with a number to call for Mazel tovs) , airports, and new bike lanes.

The cover and fist few pages is high gloss along with the center but the pages of the calender are paper making it easy to write on.

The calender also features a CHInfo pen that is attached by string but can get removed to use for other things, and has the number to CHI, Shomrim & Hatzalah on it.

and last – the calender has 2 holes, one in the traditional place on top of the calender, the other on the top of the dates area, allowing you to fold the calender in such a way that you dont see the photo and ads on the top, taking up less space on the wall.

We are trying to get a PDF of the calender… but you will sure see a post about it on CHI soon.


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