Old Vaad HAPPY with the results… NOT

Look at the Cholent prediction.


Eli – Wins, He keeps Fishel in control.

Hendel – Mysteriously disappears (temporarily)  from the picture – Fishel wished he was their.

Fishel – forces katzman to apologize (making him in control)

Are they HAPPY?

you would think they are, you would think the time for smart strategy, you would think the old Vaad would step down and move on away to the side..

You think?

Think again!

Yossi Hackner was over heard complaining in shul tonight “Polterak, He wants to meet with me” said Yossi “He doesn’t stop calling me” and then Yossi made a joke “Im gona change his name on my phone to “dont pick up” and make his custom ring be silent”

Eli Polteraks writes  a “oped” in his looser friend.. (its a funny pun) Michoel Chazzans name. look at the frustration, the anger, the request for MORE fighting…

“most of the community just doesn’t get it. Nobody really cares about the history of the community”

“We have two new members who have absolutely no experience in communal matters”

“Now that we have a mishmash of a Vaad Hakhol”

“The amount of money spent on this Din Torah, was enough to send a lot of children to camp whose parents couldn’t afford it” Editors note: Whats up with the money fishel promised.. now that he is in office will the money magicly reappear???

“What use is a third Rov, if our existing Rabbonim can’t even sit in the same room”

Message to Chazzan: From 1BIGcholent

Michoel. You LOST, Eli you too LOST had you not ran for ellections this OpEd would have been on hypotheticly stronger grounds, that changed when you LOST. were you the OLNY one who could have fixed that Rabbi problems.

When you ran for the first time for Vaad, you too were a nobody, yung pisher looser… why is it you are so upset, why do you need to continue the HATE, the POLOTICS, and why is it that you feel that by writing “I’m not here to rant and rave” you can do just that.


One response to “Old Vaad HAPPY with the results… NOT

  • Me

    These Mosrim will never be happy.
    All they really want is to see CH burn to the ground, till that happens they wont be happy.

    Poltorak is a dangerous person.
    He lost and now it is time for him to step aside.
    I and many others hope he get out of this town for good.

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