“Never Happened”

Huh! why would they post something everyone knows happened, and write “Never Happened”

They talk this way about gimmel Tzmuz “Nothing Happened”

Oh, is it that they are trying to make it sound that when Shea said “Never Happened” when he answered a question about him ordering psychologists for after 3 Tamuz, that he was talking about if he did or didnt take away from stage the person who was disrupting the parade that he organizes..?

What cholent says “Never Happened”

1. The Security guards were not near stage when this happened, BC a Bocher with a yellow flag told the guard to stay by the big screen, bc “someone is threatening to break it”

2. Parade Security did NOTHING when they saw a scuffle.

3. The sound guys were sleeping on the job and DIDNT cut the mike.

4. the “prior arrangements” for Yechi being said NEVER HAPPENED.

But everyone knows this! Why did this new desperate sounding campaign make this.

Is it to publicize yet another website? lets look into this website…

(Oh they really are desperate for your clicks as they really think its going to make a difference in your vote.)


Remember how the “achdus” sites polls came down as we predicted due to to many people voting against them.

Oh before i finish I almost forgot..

interesting how chabad.info writes they wont post the bashmutzing on the site due to requests to the rabonim.

then posts the “bashmutzing” article

interesting how this new site says in a recent post in answer to one of “many” emails on what the Vaad does, that its responsible to pay for the rabonim… and their own Rabbi Shwei who is owed $60,000.00 something the candidate Eli polterak/Fishel brownstein surly should have taken care of if he was capable of before this election.


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