Shea or Eli – who’s your pick?

Shea??? No way

How can we support him knowing that over 10 plus years ago (thats like yesterday, and people don’t change over night) he did things for the benefit of his organization over the benefit of things that he had nothing to do with or his organization.. And in more resent times, how can we vote for him after he used force to stop someone from taking over the Lag B Omer Parade that HE organizes..

But what is our other option?

Eli Polterak???

the one who scored less then 40% of our community vote?

The one who lies, Moisers, and doesnt even allow his own “teammates” talk?

Because of Eli 3 Good guys didn’t get voted in, not Chanina, Kadaner, nor Fishel.. he held them hostage under the term “achdus” SHAME ON HIM, by now you would think he would let fishel speak on his own, I mean come on why did Polterak pay for the letter that “Fishel wrote”

Eli doesn’t even keep his tactics covered up, he does it in the open, even approves it will you let Eli get back in?

Lets weigh both in a bit more..

Having Shea in – at least he knows that he now MUST be answerable to us as he now officially represents us. We also have a “team” of people who will for ever watching him and will jump to write letters and make noise every time Shea does something they don’t like (oh and Maaser on him if he takes money from the counsel to his organization) and B”H he will be working with 2 great guys Hackner and Zaki who with him will be level headed and will plan and stay organized while using even Chanina (we have seen this here and here) as needed.


Having Eli Polterak in – means we will have HIM bulldoze his way through everything and keep the very same people we voted out.. IN.

Related doc. Letter from Rubashkin about letting Eli back in Part 1 & part 2

Place your vote below…


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