An important Psak about the elections from a email received today some divrei torah and Psak Din from Der Posek and Gaon Reb Moshe Bogomilsky a possible candidate for ROV!!!!!!!

In Lubavitch we say “מדארף לעבען מיט דער צייט” [we must live with the times], this week in Crown Heights we will have a run off election. There are three that we could vote for, Hecht, Hackner and Brownstein. I’m recommending you to vote for Hecht, and Hackner. Do not vote for Browstein,

I’ll explain:

In this weeks Torah portion of Parshas Pinchas, the Torah just mentioned the one event that took place with Zimri and not the others from the tribe of Simeon who sinned withMidianite woman. The reason for this is, being that Zimri was the chairman of the tribe, and he is responsible for everybody and everything.

The same applies to Crown Heights, from the four Va’ad members who made Mesiros on people and Mosdos, it was Brownstein who was their Chairman. Brownstein is responsible and he is Moser like the others.

I want to quote some history: in tractate Sota (Daf 22b) there is a story with King Yannai and his queen Shelomis as follows:

A little background, Yannai was a scion of the Chasmoeoam dynasty who served as both king and Kohen Godol in the letter part of the second temple period. However, he became a Sadducee (Berachos 29a) and massacred the Sages, and was therefore hated by the Perushim [the term for the group faithful to the Rabbis and meticulous in their Torah observance, and opponents of the Sadducees]. When he was close to death, his wife was afraid that the Perushim would not allow her sons to assume the throne because of their hatred of Yannai, and she asked Yannai to beseech them on her behalf in this matter [and to reconcile himself with them (Meiri)]. Yannai told her:

“Do not be afraid of the Perushim, or from those who are not Perushim. Rather, Fear only the pretenders, who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious; for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri, and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

Meaning: that she had nothing to fear from the true Perushim, because they were truly righteous and would not retaliate against her or her children on account of his actions. She had nothing to fear from the Sadduceem because they were friends, but she did have to fear the colored ones, whose appearance is not reflective of their essence. Their color is only external, and they are different on the inside. In other words the hypocrites.

Brownstein sent letters to the whole neighborhood about what he did. He got money from so and so and he gave forth so and so scholarships for camps. Although he never showed us any reports to whom he gave and for what camps. If there is no proof could be it is just merely talking.

What we do know for certain is Brownsteins participation in the disgraceful act of Mesira, an “act of Zimri” and now he asks of us to vote for him to give the reward of Pinchas.

Those are the people we should stay away.

I don’t want to G-d forbid compare Zimri to Brownstein. We all know before Zimri did the disgraceful act with the Midianite woman, he went to ask Moshe and only after he didn’t like Moshe’s answer did Zimri say “who permitted the daughter of Yetro to you?”

But in our case when I received the subpoena last year, I got a phone call from Rabbi Schwei he told me then Reb Moshe, I never gave them permission to subpoena you. From Rabbi Osdoba for sure they didn’t get permission to do this Mesira, in fact he came out with a letter calling them Mosrim. So which Rov gave them the permission to for Mesira??

It is written in the Novei (Amos 2-6.)

“כה אמר ה’ על שלושה פשעי ישראל ועל ארבעה לא אשיבנו על מכרם בכסף צדיק ואביון בעבור נעליים”

“Thus said Hashem: For three transgressions of Israel [I looked away], but for four I will not pardon them – for their selling a righteous man for money, and a poor man shoes.”

My explanation is as follows: we got rid of three transgressors now we must not look away and bring back the fourth transgressor.

I also want to mention that if someone think that Brownstein he is an innocent lamb and he doesn’t know at all what a subpoena is. I heard from a Rov in the city that one his shul members was a client of Brownstein and they had a conflict which led to court. Brownstein went to this Rov and asked him to convince the other guy to go to a Din-Torah. Mr. Brownstein knows very well what court is.


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