says read letter

Update: yup they posted the letter 🙂

But doesn’t post it.. Im sure they will now..

be sure to read up on fishel here too

and tell me, are all these baseless accusations made up?

Maybe he was reffering to somthing outside of the BIGcholent, please call Fishel yourself and ask him.

1. Was he in the counsel offices the night of the last “elections” and what he did there?

2. Why did he refer a question asked to his specifically to him at the candidates meeting, to his puppet master Eli Poltrak?

3. Why did Eli Poltrak at a meeting that he was present say that he wont stand on the same Vaad as Shea Hecht?

4. Ask what is it that Mendel Hendel told him in the hallway that made him change his mind?

5. Ask him who Mendel Hendel is? and what it is about Hendel that he has a conection with?

6. Ask him what happens if he and Shea wins what he will do then?

7. Ask him why if Eli was voted out why he still is emailing Rosenberg for Fishel as we posted here (a must read)

if anyone has fishels cell number email or comment below it so we can POST IT RIGHT HERE.


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