Who will you vote for?

Take the following facts and place them in front of you

1. The night of the last “Elections” Fishel assisted in the breaking into the counsel offices, as we reported here, to help assist in the pre meditated Messira.

2. Fishel spoke at the meet the candidates he could not figure out howmuch money he gave out for camps reported here. and he talked about the best thing they did was hire the father in law to Chabad.info

3. Eli Polterak is seen speaking for Brownstein, the fishel leaves the meeting, only to be shlepped back be Mendel Hendel.

4. Eli Polterak is emailing for Brownstein to Rosenberg trying to get him in with out having have to run in the RunOff coming up.

Stay tuned to 1BIGcholent as we bring you more facts about fishel and why a vote for him is a vote for…



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