Exclusive politico…

The stuff chabad news media has but WONT tell you.. we will ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a exchange of private emails from, Eli Polterak to Rabbi Rosenberg & Yosef Katzman…

Can anyone tell us who is Eli Polterak, Why he is still involved, is fishel so old that he doesnt know how to use email, or is it that he has no mouth, or is it that he is a puppet.. come on, this guyh came in last years “ellections” in first place, and the current ellections in 2nd place, with that backing shouldnt he be able to stand on his own…

Why is it that by the meet the candidates meeting a questioned directed at him.. was pushed off to polterak, why is it by the last meeting Eli Polterak said that he WONT run along side Shea Hecht, why is it that he flip flops on his, yes running, no running… and whos this hendel guy???

Does the guy even bring anything to the table? what is it exactly that he has that Shea or ย Yossi HAckner doesnt..

enough of my rant read the emails below and see the desperation yourself.

From: ELi Polterak

To: Rabbi Rosenberg

Rabbi Rosenberg:

We are in the process of reviewing the voter roll to validate each voter.ย  Right off the bat we found 6 who are ineligible and are confident that we will find more.ย ย  However, in the meantime, two of our people decided to count the number of voters and arrived at totals of 2,053 and 2,054, respectively.ย  If that is correct, wouldnโ€™t Fishel get in automaticallyโ€”without having to wrangle over individual votersโ€™ eligibility?ย  On the other hand, we may be missing a handwritten page.ย  Can you please have someone recount the number of voters carefully?


a few hours pass and Rosenberg doesnt reply so eli writes…

I sent the e-mail below at noon.ย  I donโ€™t know why it didnโ€™t come through.ย  Please confirm receipt.


Rosenberg replies

I don’t know why I didn’t receive your initial email, I received it now.

I did a fast count last Wednesday and I came up with about 2063, I think I still have somewhere the paper where I wrote down the number for each book. when I will have time I may count them more slowly. can you break down the count in each book (there were 4 separate books), that will make it easier.

your assumption that Brownstein comes in automatically if we find more ballots then people eligible isn’t so simple.

we don’t know if anyone voted twice if that’s a Brownstein vote or another vote.

I haven’t discussed it with the full Bais Din, but I don’t believe that such an error if verified will change the run-off plan

Katzman who gets CC on this emails Rosenberg the following

Rabbi Rosenberg, please put a stop to this nonsense. There is no provision in the bylaws for anyone to have any rights to review the lists and to claim any of this nonsense. Lists were never given to anybody in the past and shouldn’t of been given to anybody this time around either. If anything this issue belongs to the election committee alone, and nobody asked the committee to look into this matter before the election was certified. This lawyerly shenanigans do not apply here, and we can’t have thisย hijackingย process continue forever. Its bad enough that Poltorac hijacked the runoff from taking place in an ordinary fashion last week Sunday and now the community must settle for a third rate runoff without any real explanation.

stay tuned… we will be updating you more emails as they get sent in to our CrackPot and posting tem into our 1BIGcholent.


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