Guess who???

YK and YH are, and what roles they play…if any in this community.

comment your thoughts below…

adapted from a txt messaging conversation that these 2 had.

YH: Stop harassing fishel right now, your tactics are the lowest of
lowest, does his candidacy scare you that much that you must resort to

YK: Glad to hear from you Is everything by you ok?

Unfortunately the feeling isnt mutual

YK: I have no feelings for you

YH: Bh

YK: Good. Mind your own business

YH: It is my business, and how
you feel i know without you telling me

YK: So keep busy

YH: And you are
keeping me busy with your acts of terror

YK: Great. Happy to hear.
Actually that’s what I was waiting to hear. Anything else?

YH: Take a
long vacation and stop terrorizing the community

YK: Will do when
you’ll disappear

YH: Agreed

YK: So when are you disappearing?

YH: I had
already until you started your terror campaign

YK Who asked you to come

YH: I came back to stand up to your terror tactics, and i dont
need your permission

YK: You just don’t matter. Don’t you realize that
by now?

YH: We shall see, you will still fail miserably, just as you
have in past 8 yrs

YK: Yanky, get a life. Loooooooser

YH: You are well
known in the community as a loser for past 10 yrs and your tactic of
reverse spinning wont work

YK: Gotcha. That’s why you won the election.
Nice to hear from you. I love all your comments. Tralalalalalalala

As a neutral guy relayed to me a few weeks ago, that if katzman would
have been gainfully employed, there would be no machloikes in ch

I’m glad to hear it from you. That was your mistake many years ago.
Now you eat it. Enjoy

YH: Dont think for a second that you won, just
created more chaos I made no mistake, today it is clear to all that
you have vindicated me

YK: You’re so stupid. I meant that u could’ve
given me a job and save the community. LOL

YK: Love your comments. I’m
thinking of publishing them. Can I use your name? Not that I’ll care
for your permission, but I love to keep getting your brilliant
comments. Pearls of wisdom that put Shlomo Hamelech to shame

YH: Be my
guest as you have already done in the past

YK: I don’t need your
shelter. Thanks but no thanx. How’s your heartburn?

YH: If i could have
i would have, especially after all those tragedies

YK: OK I’ve had my
fun for the night

YH: Why ask when you openly state that you dont care


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