Campers On Patrol

Camp Chayolei Hamelech promises to have a fun and SAFE summer. After last years murder on camp grounds the camp admin has worked out with nypd to repaint and redesign the C.O.P. cars and train campers to look out for any
suspicious behavior.

Since the COP cars have not been used much locally to patrol the neighborhood and  to inspect homes under contruction on Crown St. The  NYPD felt comfy allowing the cars to be driven up to PA and but to actual use.

Some parents of those children who are picked for the patrol have complained that they think its unfair that kids should have to do patrols instead of just having fun. Camp admin noted the price they are paying for camp being much less then cost and told them its better not to complain.

Camp is also having surveillance cameras installed on grounds with 24 hour monitoring ensuring that everything is safe and in order.

As a result of children going to camp, the patrol is going to have a loss of 3/4 of its members who will be off duty for the summer. That leaves Crown Heights with 3 non-responders.


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