The Radicalization of Crown Heights must stop…

Radicalization is the process in which an individual changes from passiveness or activism to become more revolutionary, militant or extremist. Radicalization is often associated with youth, adversity, alienation, social exclusion, poverty, or the perception of injustice to self or others.

This is all in reference to the Hanhagah Chadosha of some bored former Kolel Yungerleit that have started to picket and harass some patrons at the new Michiga restaurant last Thursday night and then again tried to mobilize Friday afternoon…

This is purely the definition quoted above some poverty stricken yungerleit looking for trouble…

Stick to learning and not harassing and verbally assaulting patrons at that restaurant… or any establishment in CH >>>>

We have the name of each and everyone who is becoming a threat to the neighboorhood and will post them here ( some from Florida some from Brighton Beach some from England etc…..)  Warning has been served >>>> as per the Gemorah Makos Daf Hay Ain Onshin ele eim kan mazherim….

They are almost all associated with the new Minyan in CH of the ultra Frummies and they should know keep to yourselves ….

Live and let live and don’t be radical that is not what the Rebbe wanted and ANASH will go after you guys….!!!!!!!!!!!


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