Chanina to remain in Counsel

in a letter (below) dated June 17th 4 days after the Elections placed a few spots past the run off, Chanina Sperlin signs an official document referring him from the CHJCC. Only a few days after signing the doc, Chanina takes a great hollywood actor Zacki Tamir to L. James to pick up a 20,000.00 Check…

While we know that you dont need an official position to do good, and Chanina can still do… what ever it is he does, it was odd to overhear this over Shabbos..

Community member – “Chanina, Good Shabbos”

Chanina – Good Shabbos

community Member – “What happening to the scholarships for summer camp?”

Chanina – ” I duno, I heard the guy whos gives it is not happy with the election results, so he doesn’t wana give it.”

community member – “I read somewhere that you told him not to give it is that true?”

Chanina – “Dont trust everything you read, unless it’s on collive, its probably a lie”

community Member – so are you saying the only reason why the guy who gives the money for the fund, only gave it because of who was on the old Vaad, doesnt that sound bad on the guys true intentions..?

Chanina – “Its not that simple, the people on the old Vaad were very close to him and got him onto the weatherization programs for free windows and boilers, he is a good man.. Listen its complicated, I can’t talk any more, Good Shabbos.”

community member – “Did you just hear what you just said? you really need to clarify that, it sounds like fraud..”

Chanina “Why are you asking so many questions, do you need money to send your kids to camp”

community Member – “Yes”

Chanina – “Ok forget what I said, call me motzai Shabboss I’ll help you get your kids into camp”

as this conversation holds some very sensitive information we have officially removed our Moiser flag from the Banner as we dont want anyone to get any bad ideas…

Thank you who ever you are that gave away this money in the past, and please stay away from doing half jobs in the future…


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