LuBarbs, Burps, Farbs & Farts

Looking fwd to a spectacular week of posts, stay tuned, and email us how your cholent was this week…

Gut Shabbos.

1BIGcholent, BIGkishke & 1BIGpotatohead

The History Lesson

A history teacher asks her graduating class of 2010, “Who was it that said ‘Ask not your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?”

After silence from the whole class, the Japanese exchange student in the back says proudly “John Fitzgerald Kennedy… Inaugural Address 1961.”

The teacher, while amazed at the aptitude of this young Japanese student, begins a tirade against the youth of today and how uneducated and illiterate they are with regard to historical events.

Then he begins to praise Japan for their ability to educate children not only in their own cultures but in those of other nations.

After a moment of brief silence, an American kid yells “All the Japanese can go to hell!”

“Who said that?” roars the teacher?

“Harry Truman… 1945!”


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