Chabadinfo STOPS Reporting

As of late last night upon the release of our exclusive article chabadinfo stops reporting.

While we know that due to this statement someone will be posting soon to help make Cholent look fake and full of it… Rumors are still that Tzemach Brown aka DIDI WAKS quit, as his pay wasnt that high, he wants even getting his check in time, and he did not plan on his name being blown open by of all people 1BIGcholent.

He never really planed on having his name get out to the open, and realizes with most of his viewers coming from blogs like 1BIGcholent its not worth it.               …Shame

While we made a simple offer to remove collive from his bash on CHinfo, the EGOs atop Tzemach are refusing to give in…

Oh well…

Ps. small note, any time 1BIGcholent posts a link to chabadinfo, the viewers interest on that post always reaches 100%


One response to “Chabadinfo STOPS Reporting

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