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All we have to say is


Is Chabad Above Journalistic Integrity?

Only two days ago, an accident occurred in the courtyard of 770 which left a Bochur severely injured. The episode triggered off a storm of attacks for the boy who was labeled as a criminal and what not. His actions were judged harshly because of his identity. This is one case of the untruths that plague our immoral media. Leibel Stein’s complete OP-ed

he problem with (wrongly) uncensored media is that the listeners often believe the ludicrous being spewed.

Why, I have heard many a time someone quote the misdeeds of respectable people in our community. When questioned for verification, the gossiper referenced his story to a date of posting on CrownHeights.info, the leading site for embellishments and sometimes outright fabrications.

While no group is perfect, and no one person is either, the purposefully orchestrated vilification of certain groups is outrageous.

Yes, there are people who learned in Tzfas who have caused problems in the neighborhood. But, as every advocate for Israel will tell you, “Don’t treat any single group to a higher standard than the rest.”

For some reason, a boy’s accident outside 770, which had him flying down from the top of the building, led many ‘unbiased’ journalists to report his heinous intentions. According to their claims, he was attempting to break the video camera.

One genius even went so far as to say, “We have video footage proving it.”

Well, I believe Chabad Info actually received that video. The only reason the clip is not being shown is to respect the identity of the Bochur.

The editors of some websites find this moral ground as too far to go.

It may be worthwhile mentioning that this 770 student has never learned in Tzfas. In fact, he has never had anything to do with the Yeshiva.

This stereotyping and mislabeling of people reminds me of the time I was entering the United States. I stood at immigration for a while, after two full days of traveling. When I approached the counter and said something under my breath which I probably shouldn’t have, questioning the over-enthusiasm of the immigration staff, the Middle Eastern agent snapped at me, “Don’t talk like that to me; you can go back to Israel an carry on…”

Excited that he had just openly given me an opportunity, I proudly pulled out my passport proving my citizenship and residency to another country. “I’m not from Israel, you bigot!”

I may have been rude to him and deserved some rebuking, but there was no place, I’m sure we all agree, for him to criticize my assumed nationality.

The same goes for the local Crown Heights politics.

If someone makes a mistake, he shouldn’t be judged harsher nor should his ‘political’ leanings be associated with his crime in order to demonize his fellow faithfuls.


While having done a commendable job on staying neutral, COLlive has not freed itself from this trap.

Time and again, the website prejudges a situation.

The latest in the 770 saga would be the best example.

I understand that the website seeks to remain neutral, equaling itself to the mainstream media of CNN. Nevertheless, when things go one way because of the outright actions, you must report as occurred; not invent facts to balance the news.

Lies and misguidance has prevailed in order to further their ‘fair and balanced’ reporting.

While the intentions are good, and the misinformation sometimes minor, the ramifications are hurtful and disgusting.

If I hit you and you do nothing back to me, COLlive cannot take the liberty to suggest that you wanted to hit me back in order to balance the news and make us look a little more equal.


In my eyes, the problem with COLlive is their desire to remain accepted as the mainstream Chabad media, which means pleasing uninformed and sometimes outrightl biased  Shluchim and Lubavitchers. They have no other evil motives and are therefore much more capable of changing.

CrownHeights.info on the other hand, reserves the right to use every story in the media to be remotely connected to a person of their opposition and to assist in their greater plan of vilifying their adversaries.

I’m not stupid.

I know Chabad Info has a certain goal too; and that’s not media balance. They want to amplify the right’s voice. And they have every right to do so, so long as they don’t cheat their readers of the truth.

Other sites with a similar goal, albeit with conflicting opinions, have a right to do the same thing. But journalistic integrity must prevail and the fabrication of stories must be kept out of the storytelling loop.

Chabad Info reports stories which further their cause. As of now, CrownHeights.info concocts or utterly distorts stories to further their goal of destroying reputations and maligning upright individuals.

Let’s get real and prove our points with fact


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