Tzemach brown in Hospital & Jail…

Update: Eli poltrak & Pual Hubner have officially filed a lawsuit against Merkos on behalf of the Tzemach Brown for $2,700,000.00 in damages as the wall nor the Pipe in the courtyard did not contain any signs saying “Do Not Climb”

Update: Eli Poltrak & Pual Hubner have just arrived to the hospital to get tzemach released.

After a recent local blogger busted writer Tzemach Brown Molesting a child in the courtyard of 770, and he learned it was caught on camera, Tzemach was seen scaling the wall of 770 in attempt to remove the camera thinking it would contain the footage and he would destroy it. unforchinatly, he slipped and now is in the hospital with his broken leg handcuffed to his bed.

Police who are investigating the 2 separate accusations (Molesting, Vandalism) have also placed a guard outside his hospital room.

In the meantime has hired a number of new writers to replace Tzemach and are starting a under the table fund, to help secure his release..

New writers…

Dovid Samson, Zvi Brendal, Elimelech Atar… the list keeps growing, they say its due to lack of pay…

By polocy, 1BIGhcolent gets screan shots of everything, we only choose to post them as we seem necessary.


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